104th Infantry Regiment Military Police
WWII 26th Infantry "YANKEE" Division Historical Re-Enactment Group
Proper military courtesy of the WWII period regulations is exercised at all times. It is the Soldier's responsibility
to read period Army manual's covering this subject in order to present the appearance and demeanor of an MP in
the 1940's. All MP's are required to adhere to Uniform and Grooming requirements of the 26th Div in WWII.
Welcome to the 104th Infantry Regiment Military Police.
This unit portrays the Regimental MP's from WWII, We work to accurately portray the impression of the
Military Policeman in the European theater. Our mission is to honor these brave men.

As Re-Enactor MP's our responsibility during a Reenactment or Display is to:
Follow the directions of the coordinators, perform check point security, assist with directions, escort personnel,
assure safety and security of personnel and property, preserve the living history of the
104th Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division.
Military Policeman securing a perimeter.
A Sergeant from the 104th MP's on a smoke break at the GAP 2018