Battle of the Bulge Reenactment 2012
Fort Indiantown Gap, PA
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After Action Report Ft. Indiantown Gap 2012

To Company Commander Co. B. 104th Infantry Regiment:

Tuesday, January 24th
Advanced party arrives at forward area of operations known as Ft. Indiantown Gap.  Barracks 13-050 was claimed as our HQ.  All was set up and ready for the arrival of the main body the
following day.
Wednesday, January 25th
The main body of the troops arrived piecemeal as the roads would allow.  All was made ready to commemorate the Battle of the Bulge.  Upon completion of duties the men were allowed
and evening pass to visit the various clubs in the area.  Three are of note: the Occupied French Café (papers required to get in), the Go Devils Den for enlisted personnel, and the Drunken
Monkey run by the Navy.
Thursday, January 26th
Training was commenced for the troops preparation to go into battle against German garrison in the area.  Command personnel from the 4 platoons attached to K co. went out on recon to
check out the terrain in our area of operations.  A primary action area was found to be quite swampy with several small creeks flowing through it.  There was to be a pass and review for the
veterans attending the weekend.  Due to inclement weather moving in, this event was canceled after B co. was formed up to take part. The men were allowed to frequent the clubs again and
visit the ever-present flea market.  A mess hall service was established and the troops enjoyed a full menu of well-prepared hot food for the next few days.
Thanks to all for sending in the photos!
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